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Introducing our own A.C.T Academy  


Mission Statement:
    To instill an understanding of the fundamental workflow, and inspire users to evolve creatively, with A.C.T Lighting products.


Navigate the dot2:

dot2 is so clever and intuitive it will automatically teach you as you use it! Follow the on screen prompts to patch, store, and playback a show. 

Continued Learning:
We also have tons of resources ready for you and we will be constantly adding more. 
Click Here to see what’s available.

We're holding regular Webinars to get you some insights and classes online!
Sign up for our webinars schedule here.

Need more information:
Contact us here to find out how to learn more about the dot2

dot2 Online: Online Manual


Classes Offered:

Intro to grandMA2:
1 day class giving the student an overview of the feature set and capabilities of MA software. This class is intended to teach navigation of the software to those who will not necessarily be programming - $300*

grandMA2 User Class:
2 day class of best practices and some advanced features discussed - $600*

Classes are held from 10am to 4pm, with a one-hour break for lunch

*If paying via a Credit Card, there is a %3.5 processing fee applicable.


Classes are held at our facilities in California, New York and Toronto, or can be arranged for on site.

In Burbank, CA: Instruction using a full-size and/or light consoles, having no more than 2 students per console.

In Hackensack, NJ: Conducted on ultra lights with motorized fader wings and external touch screens, having no more than 2 students per console.

In Toronto, Canada: Instruction on full-size and/or light consoles, having no more than 2 students per console.


Continued Learning Resources:

Learning grandMA2 software via a physical classroom is not a necessity; A. C. T continued learning resources are available to learn anywhere.

Visit the A.C.T downloads section and download grandMA2 on PC and MA3D Visualizer software for free

Learn how to set up grandMA2 software from our support section tutorials

grandMA2 Online Manual: Read the grandMA2 manual online or within the grandma2 software by hitting

Visit ma-share.net to chat with users from around the globe

Topics covered in our software classes
To help you decide if a class is the next step to advancing your grandMA2 knowledge.


Class Schedule Request Form:
Please sign up to receive email updates as classes are scheduled regularly.







  MA dot2 Tutorials

MA dot2 Tutorials

Getting Started
First Steps Into Playback
First Steps Into Chasers And Effects

Improved Software Release

dot2 Online: Online Manual

  MA onPC command wing Videos

MA onPC command wing Videos

MA onPC command wing Quick Start 1
MA onPC command wing Quick Start 2
MA onPC command wing Quick Start 3

Manual: Online MA2 Manual

 grandMA2 Tutorials

 grandMA2 Tutorials

grandMA to grandMA2 - First Steps

Ch. 1 - The Front Panel
Ch. 2 - The Back Panel
Ch. 3 - The Backup Menu
Ch. 4 - Setup Menu Overview
Ch. 5 - Network Protocols
Ch. 6 - Patch Functions
Ch. 7 - Fixture Editor
Ch. 8 - Views
Ch. 9 - Special Dialog: Colour and Shapers
Ch. 10 - MATricks
Ch. 11 - Macros and User Keys
Ch. 12 - Preset Features
Ch. 13 - Effects
Ch. 16 - Sessions
Ch. 18 - Updating Software + Software Mode