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Welcome to ACT Lighting's download section.

ACT Lighting is pleased to support equipment and software operating with versions we have posted here on our site. Some software upgrades require multiple steps and this site can help guide you through this process to ensure that you upgrade successfully.

You can receive notifications of new software posted here via email.

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 MA2 - Important Information!  

Show File Migration - You must migrate your show file thru software versions to maintain the integrity of your programming.
( > > > > > 2.7.0.x > 2.8.3.x > 2.9.1.x > 3.0.0.x)

This can be quickly accomplished via grandMA2 onPC.
(This also includes any objects exported from older software) Contact support for older versions of software.

MA2 Console - full size, light, ultra light, NPU, RPU

MA 2 Console Software: (also NPU & RPU)
(282 MB) August 2014

StickMAker: (Use this program to create a USB stick to upgrade your Seres 2 Console.)
How to Update GrandMA 2 via USB

PC Version: StickMAker
Mac OSX Version: StickMAker 1.004 (up to MAC OSX 10.7)
Mac OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion Version: StickMAker and Helper App

Manual: Online Manual Release Notes

Effects in grandMA2

External Touch Screens



The grandMA VPU can display all your videos and is totally integrated with MA-Net2 / MA-Net.

(124 MB) August 2014 Release Notes

ACT Recommended Hardware Specifications

Transition from MA Video to  VPU Software


grandMA VPU Demo software can be used on a personal computer.

How to Install Showcase Decoder Pack

 MA 4Port & 8Port Node  

grandMA 4Port & 8Port Node can output DMX and is totally integrated with MA-Net2 / MA-Net.

(8.5 MB) August 2014

Manual: Online Manual Release Notes


MA2 Software Release Package

MA Software Release Package Contains:

  • File for local-install and full-install of grandMA2 console and NPU
  • File for network update of grandMA2 console and NPU
  • onPC.exe file for Windows local-install and Network Update
  • 3D.exe file for Windows local-install and Network Update
  • VPU.exe file for local-install and Network Update
  • 4port Node.imgz file for local-install of node firmware
  • 4port Node.update file for network update of node firmware ~ (Warning: 980 MB) August 2014

Manual: Online Manual Release Notes


MA2 on PC  

grandMA2 onPC emulates the grandMA2 console on your personal computer.

(153 MB)  August 2014

Manual: Online Manual

ACT Recommended Computer and Specifications

onPC and command wing Setup Guide

 MA 3D  
grandMA 3D is the free visualization program for your personal computer.

(162 MB) August 2014

Manual: Online Manual

ACT Recommended Hardware Specifications


MA Remote  
   grandMA Remote is available for iPhone/ iPod Touch.

iPhone/ iPod Touch Software:
iTunes App Store

Apps: Release Notes

1 Configure MA Remote

MA2 Utlities  


Vectorworks Spotlight Plugin 1.11
(9K) July 2014

Planet Vectorworks - Export Your Lighting Designs to the grandMA2 Console (Article)

Using the Vectorworks MA Plugin - A brief video on explaining how to install and use the MA Lighting Vectorworks Exporter and import the file into the grandMA2 software.

1MA - Vectorworks Manual

1 Release Notes v1.11

The gMA Show Converter

Converts the following elements from version MA1 6.808, to MA2 Version 1

gMA1to2_[2.9.1][6.808]_v1.3.exe   (50 MB) May 2014
Fixture Types  Fixture Schedule including patch, 3D position and color 
Groups Presets (excluding embedded presets)
Sequences Worlds
Executor Pages Macros and Cue command links will be converted as far as possible.
Effects Effects and Modulators will be converted as far as possible.
Agenda Timecode and Agenda where possible
Elements that WILL NOT be converted
  • User profiles
  • Bitmap effects and layouts
  • Fixture Schedule function invert per fixture
  • MATricks
  • Commands not compatible with grandMA2 syntax!




gma-Wysiwyg[2.900][6.800] v1.220.exe

(2 MB) February 2014

ESP Vision:
(2 MB) December 2013

1Connecting MA to Wysiwyg

1 Connecting MA to ESPVision

 MA2 - Software with Series 1 functionality  

February 2014


grandMA1 For grandMA2 Hardware - The MA1 [6.808] version running with MA2 hardware.

MA 2 Console Software: (also NPU)  MA2Console_[2.9.1][6.8]_v2.9.1.1.imgz
grandMA VPU gMA-VPU_[2.9.1][6.801]_v7.84.exe
grandMA 4Port & 8Port Node MA-4port_v1.0.9.imgz
grandMA2 onPC gMA2onPC[2.9.1][ ]_v2.9.1.1.exe
grandMA 3D gMA3D_[2.9.1][6.8]_v6.0.24.19818.exe


 grandMA Series - Discontinued 06/2010  

If your software is older than 5.63 you MUST update to 5.697 then 5.761 then 5.821 then 5.902 and finally update to 6.xx! Failure to follow this path or direct updates from lower numbers can corrupt your console's hard drive!

Due to an invalid software backup file since version 5.9x, you need to update your console in a certain way: Please update to version 6.121 onPC and update the console. Repeat this once. After updating your console twice with the same version you will have created a new backup file. The problem with the invalid backup file only occurs if you try to "down-date" your console or if you try to update from console to console. If there are any questions left, do not hesistate to contact your local dealer or our tech support.

For best memory usage and performance - it is recommended to clean up older software versions and shows in the Utility Menu from time to time and keep only 2-3 of the most recent software version on the hard disk.

 grandMA full-size, light, ultra-light, micro, pico, nsp, 2-port & replay unit.  

(Did you read the IMPORTANT INFORMATION about upgrading above?)
USB Version:
(9.8 MB) February 2014

Floppy Disk Version:
(9.8 MB) February 2014

Manual: grandMAnual 6.0

NSP Manual: NSPMAnual 1.2


 grandMA onPC  

grandMA onPC emulates the grandMA console on your personal computer.

gMA1onPC_[ ][6.801]_v6.808.exe
(35MB) February 2014

Manual: grandMAnual 6.0


1MA1onPC Requirements


grandMA Pocket PC  
Pocket PC Software: ppc_[x][x]_v6100setup
PC Emulator Software: ppcEMU_[x][x]_v6100setup

Pocket PC Release Notes


Scan Commander Series  

Scan Commander
Software: Version 4.29
Software: Update DMX

Scan Commander EXT
Software: Version 4.29
Software: Update DMX

Notes: TechBulletin README

1User Manual

1EXT User Manual

Light Commander Series  

Light Commander 12
Software: Version 1.32

Light Commander 24/6
Software: Version 2.59U - Version 2.59L

Light Commander 48/6
Software: Version 2.59U - Version 2.59L

Notes: TechBulletin README

1User Manual V1.X

1User Manual V2.X