Morris Light & Sound Invests in Clay Paky Fixtures, MA Lighting Consoles and MDG The One's

January 15th, 2015 


Nashville’s Morris Light & Sound Invests in Large Inventory of Clay Paky Fixtures,
MA Lighting Consoles and MDG’s theONE Fogger/Hazer

Los Angeles (January 15, 2015) – Morris Light & Sound, a Nashville-based full-service production and integration company, has expanded its equipment inventory with the addition of a large complement of Clay Paky lighting fixtures, MA Lighting consoles and MDG’s theONE fogger/hazer.  All of the brands are exclusively distributed in North America by A.C.T Lighting, Inc.

Morris Light & Sound has 25 years experience in the entertainment industry providing audio, video and lighting services for live events, tours and fixed installations throughout North America.  It leases, sells and installs leading-edge lighting, audio and video equipment to touring artists, corporations, convention centers, award shows, festivals and political events.

The company’s biggest single purchase to date consisted of 240 Clay Paky Mythos fixtures, a highly-advanced hybrid light which serves as an excellent 470-watt spotlight and an extraordinary beam light.  As a spot it offers an outstanding large beam and zoom optimized for focusing; as a beam light it remains parallel for its entire length even at great distances.  Mythos is smooth, fast and very quiet with a completely redesigned indexed visual effects disc.

David Haskell, President / CEO of Morris Light & Sound, believes the new Mythos has the potential to take the market by storm, “just like the Sharpy did when it was first introduced.  Mythos’s three big attractions for us are its amazing power efficiency, its light weight and its versatility.”

“I know Clay Paky manufacturing will be busy keeping up with the demand for these new lights,” he says.  “My phone is ringing every day with calls from people who want to rent them – and all of ours are deployed until September!” adds Haskell.

Morris Light & Sound debuted 160 of its Mythos fixtures on the recent “Ultimate Kickoff” concert special on CMT, the official kickoff entertainment event for the national College Football Playoffs. Mythos heads off next on country duo’s Florida Georgia Line’s “Anything Goes” tour in support of their new studio album.  Then Mythos goes on the road with Kenny Chesney’s “The Big Revival Tour.”.

The company also invested in 44 Clay Paky Stormy strobes, an innovative new fixture that uses the latest LED technology while retaining all the charm of the classic strobe.  Its light source is a strip of powerful white LEDs, which perfectly emulate a bright Xenon linear lamp.  The flash effect is enhanced by Stormy’s parabolic reflector, like a classic strobe’s, which does not project the light directly forward like other LED strobes.

Haskell hails Stormy’s low power consumption and brightness.  “They will allow customers to use way less power on tour,” he says.  “The Stormy’s power consumption averages about 1/5 of the power needed in comparison to older traditional models – and Stormy appears to be a brighter light.”

The Stormy fixtures will head out with Kenny Chesney, whose tour specifically requested that Morris Light & Sound provide them. 

Additionally, Clay Paky A.leda B-EYE K20 innovative, LED-based moving lights have joined the inventory.  “The Florida Georgia Line tour asked for them, so we purchased 30 units,” Haskell says.  “The B-EYE is a great wash light and an effects light that offers great individuality of control.”

Morris Light & Sound also boosted its roster of grandMA2 consoles with six more grandMA2 desks in both full-size and light models.  “We needed more to meet client demand,” Haskell explains.  “grandMA2 is definitely the industry’s console of choice.”

Although the company already has an inventory of MDG foggers and hazers, it just purchased MDG’s theONE, a fully-digital, dual-mode fog/haze atmospheric generator.

theONE is a completely self-contained package offering sophisticated control over atmospheric effects from a single source.  It is designed to give a maximum of consecutive, non-stop hours of fog/haze without service.

“theONE does both haze and fog and has very nice control from the console,” says Haskell.  “I’d seen it and was impressed, then the lighting designer for the Florida Georgia Line tour requested it, so it was logical for us to add theONE to our inventory.”

Brian Dowd, A.C.T Lighting Vice President of Sales and Marketing, concluded, “Morris Light & Sound is valuable partner that has always been on the leading edge of technology. They are an innovative company and we look forward to the high profile projects that feature this new gear.”


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