Main Light Industries Holds Open House Showcasing A.C.T Lighting-Distributed Brands

March 30th, 2017


Main Light Industries Holds Open House Showcasing A.C.T Lighting-Distributed Brands

Los Angeles (March 30, 2017) - Main Light Industries Inc. recently held a one-day open house at its Wilmington, Delaware headquarters showcasing a wide range of brands distributed by A.C.T Lighting, Inc.  Products included Claypaky lighting fixtures, grandMA consoles, ChainMaster hoists, Eurotruss, Robert Juliat spots, and MDG foggers/hazers.  

"We showed products from our rental inventory as well as some new things A.C.T has to offer, like Claypaky Scenius spots and Scenius Un1co," says Main Light operations manager, Randy Mullican.  "We wanted to introduce our customers to these products and make sure they know the equipment is available for their productions."  Although Main Light has previously staged open houses for A.C.T's brands, Mullican calls this latest forum "the most extensive we've ever done."

"We enjoy a great partership with Main Light and were delighted with the crowd that turned out for the open house," says Doug Mekanik, Eastern Regional Sales at A.C.T Lighting.  "There was a steady stream of Main Light customers eager for one-on-one, hands-on demos."

Among the gear coming in for special attention was Claypaky's Scenius Un1co, the ultimate all-in-one fixture that combines the features and functions of a spot, wash, beam and profile, and MA Lighting's compact dot2 console.  "Scenius Un1co got a lot of very positive response," Mullican reports.  "A lot of people hadn't seen dot2 before and were really impressed by its capabilities, price point and size."

David Hauss, a production designer and lighting designer/programmer with The Hauss Collective in Baltimore, designed an all-Claypaky demo for the open house.  The high-energy, four-minute light show was choreographed to a score featuring different musical genres.  It was presented throughout the day with demos of the fixtures given to guests between show times.

"It was great to have free range to play with the best toys," says Hauss.  "A.C.T Lighting asked me to showcase the fixtures' range of capabilities.  I use a lot of Claypaky in my designs; they're my favorites to use in an EDM setting."

The rig Hauss designed consisted of four Alpha Beam 1500s, four Alpha Spot HPE 1500s five A.leda B-EYE K20s, six Sharpys, six Mythos2, four Scenius spots, one Scenius Un1co, four Sharpy washes, six Stormy CCs, two Alpha Profile 800 STs, and two Alpha Spot QWO 800 STs. "I used Scenius spots a few months ago in LA, but the Scenius Un1co was new for me," says Hauss.  "It was fun to see what it can do."

He used two grandMA2 full size consoles, a managed network switch and NPU to program and run the demo.  "We only use grandMA2s at Hauss Collective," he says.  


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