LD Systems Adds Claypaky Scenius Unicos, Robert Juliat Dalis and grandMA2 Console

January 10th, 2018


LD Systems Adds Claypaky Scenius Unicos, Robert Juliat Dalis and grandMA2 Console to Its Rental Inventory

(January 10, 2017) – LD Systems has bolstered its equipment rental inventory with the purchase of Claypaky and Robert Juliat lighting fixtures and MA Lighting products.  ACT Lighting, Inc. exclusively distributes these brands in North America.

LD Systems offers professional audio, video and lighting services from its headquarters in Houston, Texas and offices in San Antonio and Austin.  The company is one of the largest rental houses in Houston and often leads the way with new and innovative equipment for corporate, concert and rodeo customers.

“Our goal is to stay up to date with the industry and present new ideas and options to our clients,” says LD Systems’ Lighting Designer Nathan Brittain.  “I do a lot of research, and ACT Lighting shows us new equipment that we might be interested in.  We never hesitate to do business with ACT because their support is amazing.  They’re just great!”

LD Systems took delivery of their first Claypaky Scenius fixtures with the purchase of Scenius Unicos, which are believed to be the first in Texas.  “Scenius has one of the nicest arc-source lamps ever seen in a profile, and the color temperature of the lamp is really gorgeous,” says Brittain.  “Unico has great optics, its intensity is really impressive and its feature set is second to none.  Unico has everything you want in that type of fixture and it does everything well in contrast to some hybrid lights that claim to do everything but don’t do anything well.”

LD Systems also bought eight Robert Juliat Dalis 862 150W LED footlights.  “ACT showed these to us, and we just had to have them for uplighting artists for camera,” Brittain says.  “It’s a warm and cool light in the white front-light range.  Its asymmetrical lens is also very impressive.  Talent can walk right up to it and be covered by a sheet of light that doesn’t blind them.  And you can still independently control the straight up lens as talent walks upstage.”

The company added to its MA Lighting products inventory as well with the acquisition of another grandMA2 full-size console and three NPUs.  LD Systems already had three grandMA2 full-size desks and two NPUs.  “We use and rent the grandMAs so often that we had to increase our stock,” Brittain reports.  “It’s our preferred console and constantly in demand.”


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