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A.C.T Product Lines


A.C.T Lighting takes great care in choosing the products and manufacturers that we represent.

Our goal is to provide the best in customer service and we believe that, in addition to high quality products, people and performance make the difference.  We believe that you’ll find us in a class of our own as we strive to identify future trends, find products that define the cutting edge and then stock them, sell them and support them.

MA Lighting

MA Lighting became the leader for computer-controlled lighting consoles, networking components and digital dimming systems by responding to the growing demands of a constantly changing industry and developing innovative product solutions for tomorrow. With the convergence of video, LED, digital lighting and the associated media implementation in shows and set-designs, new fields of entertainment technologies have evolved. At the heart of such systems are grandMA2 consoles and devices, with their scaleable and flexible control approach. The innovative MA technology enables lighting and visual designers and programmers to bridge the lighting and video worlds.
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The AYRTON brand was born in 2001 when Aestetique-designs, lighting and technology amateurs & virtuosi got together. AYRTON is specialized in developing intelligent LED light products for Entertainment and Architectural applications. Based south of PARIS FRANCE, AYRTON Headquarters and Research & Development centre combine and organize the highest competence in engineering, software, electronics and optics, aiming to create highly innovative fixtures.
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Robert Juliat was founded in 1919 and is the oldest manufacture of theatrical lighting equipment still in existence. Based in Fresnoy-en-Thelle, France, Robert Juliat has always had a policy to innovate rather than recreate. From the first HMI followspot to the first LED profile fixture they have lead the way with technology in lighting. Optical excellence, ergonomic perfection and quality construction are hallmarks of the Robert Juliat product line. Along with ease of maintenance and an environmental consciousness Robert Juliat builds on its deep history to continue into the future as a premiere manufacturer of theatrical lighting products.
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AC Power Distribution, Inc. is a manufacturer of UL Listed portable power distribution for film/video, touring, and exterior event venues. AC Power was founded in 1991 and has established itself as a provider of premium entertainment technology products and services.
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In 20 years, Chain Master has developed into one of the world’s leading manufacture of lifting equipment in the entertainment industry. The extensive product line ranges from installation, complex scene changes to complete automation systems.
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For over 30 years, MDG has created superior-quality fog and haze generators for entertainment, industrial, firefighting and military customers. From day one, they have continually advanced their technology to continue making the best generators on the market.  The result? Their generators are used on a majority of Broadway and West End productions, as well as on large-scale performances like the Cirque du Soleil and major theme park attractions.  Their fog generators are also put to more intense use to train firefighters, military and industrial workers in disaster simulations.
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Reel EFX, provides the entertainment industry with a one-stop mechanical special effects house. The company is also known industry-wide for its outstanding mechanical achievements, such as the Digital Multicam (150 still camera array), Multicinecam (multiple motion picture camera array) and the only fifty-foot Man-Made Tornado in existence. It has expert SAG Puppeteers available to bring inanimate objects to life, special effects equipment for sale & rental, as well as MOS stage space for rent, with corresponding production support.
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Since the introduction of USITT DMX512, the versatility and complexity of control cables has increased radically. It is now easily possible to rely on one lighting console to control an entire lighting system comprising of dimmers, color changers, moving lights, strobes, projectors and media servers.  It is equally possible that one single length of data cable is the critical link for the whole system, so doesn't it make sense to ensure that you are using the best data cable available?

The sleeving of all TOUR-PLEX DATA-SURE cables contains a proprietary compound that gives the cable a unique flame-retardant quality.  This compound also toughens the jacket giving the cable better resistance to damage caused by everyday use. TOUR-PLEX DATA-SURE cables are manufactured and tested to exacting specifications to ensure high performance and consistency. All TOUR-PLEX DATA-SURE cables are factory-tested for Hi-Pot, Continuity, Impedance and Capacitance ensuring that you won't find a better data cable to be the critical link for your show.

  • A.C.T Lighting sells cable, connectors and components for assembly by others. 
  • A.C.T Lighting manufactures and sells standard cable assemblies.
  • A.C.T Lighting manufactures and sells custom cables assemblies built to your unique specifications.

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Please read important information about ACT Lighting policy

Quotation Policy

A.C.T Lighting will provide quotations upon request per a Bill of Materials only and will not be able to provide quotations “per specification” or “per drawing”.

A.C.T will always work enthusiastically with designers, dealers, specifiers and integrators to generate a Bill of Materials comprised of supported products. Once that has been created we can issue a quote accordingly. All quotes are valid for 30 days unless otherwise specified and any changes to the specified project may require review and requote as necessary. PDF copy available here.