ACT Resources - Forms 2014

Return Merchandise Authorization
This form is used to request a Return Mechandise Authorization number from A.C.T Lighting, Inc.
If you want to return an item to A.C.T Lighting or send something in for repair, you will need our number on the paper work which accompanies the item(s).

Training Application
Make a request for training session. For more information on the range of courses offered by A.C.T Lighting, Inc. click on the "Training Program" link.
Credit Application
Please look over all the questions contained in this form to ensure that you have all necessary documentation on hand before beginning the process of filling it in. Like all of our forms, you can print it out and fill in the details by hand and then fax it to us. Please feel free to contact our Accounts Department if you have any questions.
Warranty Terms
These are the terms and period of Warranty offered for items sold by A.C.T Lighting Inc.
 ACT Technical Papers

These PDFs are designed to help new programmers learn the fundamentals that will be necessary for use with any modern console

An Introduction to Programming Outline A great introduction to the concepts that are vital to all programmers (DMX, HTP, LTP, Tracking, etc.)
Written by Mike Falconer.

Disk and Show Data Management is a short, non console specific, document explaining good disking practice and the steps you can take to protect yourself from the limitations of computer hardware and storage media.
Written by Mike Falconer.

A Low Down & Dirty Guide to Ethernet -Don't know your I.P. addresses from a Cat 5 cable? Then this guide is for you. A simple, nuts & bolts guide to, working with Ethernet & networking in entertainment lighting applications.
Written by Mike Falconer.

grandMA <> Hog 2 Thesaurus - This is a guide to the grandMA console for Wholehog II programmers. It takes familiar commands and syntax to existing professional programmers and converts that into the grandMA's syntax. Thus making the transition between the consoles easier.