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grandMA Training Classes
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  - Level 2 Guidelines
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GrandMA2 Training Videos
-  Tutorial (17 Videos)
-  Manual: Online MA2 Manual

MA onPC command wing Videos
-  Quick Start (3 Videos)

GrandMA Training Videos
-  Tutorial (52 Videos)

GrandMA Classes at ACT Lighting 2015

Here at A.C.T Lighting, we have a strong commitment to training and education in the use of our products.

This has particular importance when it comes to console training, however it permeates throughout everything we do: like talking users through simple programming issues over the phone, giving them a better understanding of the theory behind the practical application, all the way through to 2 day training courses held at our California or New Jersey offices or on site.

Being one of the premier lighting control consoles, grandMA training is a regular occurrence here at A.C.T Lighting, Inc. On average, we run classes every week introducing programmers and designers to the virtually limitless possibilities that the grandMA range offers. In general, the courses we run are with small groups of people or 1 to 1 rather than having a classroom environment. No more than 2 users to a console is our strong recommendation. This allows students to feel more comfortable and under less pressure. Training days normally start at 9.00am and finish around 4.00pm.

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GrandMA Training Class Levels
Our training seminars typically fall into 3 categories:

Kuma the Lighting Dog

Level 1
Gives trainees an introduction to the principles and basics of working with the console. This course is ideal for people wanting to know what the console can offer or for those who will not necessarily be programming.

Level 2
A full blown programmer training and is aimed at existing console programmers and lighting designers. Level 2 also includes everything taught in Level 1.
This is our most popular class.

Level 3
For system designers and installers specifically, covering advanced console interfacing and customization skills.

Duration: 1 Day, Cost: $300
- Level 1 Guidelines (PDF)
Duration: 2 Days, Cost: $500
- Level 2 Guidelines (PDF)
Duration: 1 Day, Cost: $300
- Level 3 Guidelines (PDF)

 grandMA2 Tutorial Videos

 grandMA2 Tutorial Videos

From grandMA to grandMA2 - First Steps
Ch. 1 - The Front Panel
Ch. 2 - The Back Panel
Ch. 3 - The Backup Menu
Ch. 4 - Setup Menu Overview
Ch. 5 - Network Protocols
Ch. 6 - Patch Functions
Ch. 7 - Fixture Editor
Ch. 8 - Views
Ch. 9 - Special Dialog: Colour and Shapers
Ch. 10 - MATricks
Ch. 11 - Macros and User Keys
Ch. 12 - Preset Features
Ch. 13 - Effects
Ch. 16 - Sessions
Ch. 18 - Updating Software + Software Mode

Manual: Online MA2 Manual

 MA onPC command wing Videos

MA onPC command wing Videos

MA onPC command wing Quick Start 1
MA onPC command wing Quick Start 2
MA onPC command wing Quick Start 3

Manual: Online MA2 Manual

 grandMA Tutorial Videos


 grandMA Video

 Quickstart (10 Videos)

 Tutorial (52 Videos)