India Inc. Purchases Ayrton Diablo-TC Fixtures for Broadcast Lighting Inventory


India Inc., which has delivered cutting-edge lighting solutions for broadcast for more than a decade, has invested in a complement of Ayrton Diablo-TC fixtures for the company’s lighting inventory.  Lighting Designer Bryan Klunder founded the LA-area company in 2003. ACT Lighting, Inc. is the exclusive distributor of Ayrton products in North America.

Klunder has used an array of Ayrton fixtures in his repertoire for some time, citing the “quality of their color” and the “step above” nature of the products compared to the competition.  When he was introduced to Diablo, a versatile, feature-rich 300 W profile luminaire that’s the smallest, lightest and most efficient luminaire of its category, he found it ticked all the boxes.


 “Diablo had everything I needed in the right size package,” he says.  “The intensity is there, the CRI is high enough, the zoom is wide enough.  It was a fixture I could use for every show I work on.  A real Swiss Army knife of a fixture.”


Since India Inc. specializes in broadcast, Klunder ordered Diablo-TC units, which are geared for applications that require perfect color rendition.  Diablo-TC uses a monochromatic light source with a native color rendering index greater than 90 and high TM30 readings, at a color temperature of 6000 K.


“The size and weight of a fixture really matter to me,” Klunder emphasizes.  “I can replace LED lekos with Diablo and get a full range of motion.  I can use them as key lights.  They will save me production time and money all around.”


Klunder has already used the Diablos on the first season of Nickelodeon’s “America’s Most Musical Family” competition series.  “They’re very flexible lights for a performance show,” he notes.  “I use them as downstage keys and can go from an iso key single to covering a full band.  Or I can use them as a stage wash with shutter.  And with their high CRI rating, I’m golden.”

He just loaded in the Diablos for ABC’s “The Hustler,” a new mystery-based game show hosted by Craig Ferguson.  “It’s an all-LED rig, and instead of lekos all the main keys are Diablos,” says Klunder.  Earlier, he used the Diablos “as back lights and all over the set” during the taping of comedian Marc Maron’s new Netflix special.

Klunder also expects to use the Diablos for corporate theater events featuring “massive LED videowalls” as backdrops for general sessions.  “The Diablos’ high CRI rating, flexibility, small form factor and low noise floor make them very applicable for the corporate market,” he reports.


Klunder predicts that the new Diablos “will become standard in my lighting toolkit” and says his only problem is figuring out when “to buy more!”

According to Brad Nelms, Western Regional Sales Manager for ACT Lighting, “Bryan is a well known and influential designer in the LA area.  His expertise and understanding of lighting for the camera comes with years of experience and is a broadly respected opinion.  Having his support of the Diablo fixtures is a critical advancement of their adoption in the LA rental market, which currently includes over 100 units in active circulation.”


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